Our FAQ's

Goad’s Body Shop wants to be as helpful as possible to our customers when it comes to auto body repair in Lexington, VA, so we are putting together a list of frequently asked questions, with our responses, so that you can get the information you need. Please visit us again soon.


“XYZ” Insurance Company says I have to take my vehicle to a certain shop. Do I have to take it where they say?

Absolutely not. Although we may be on your Insurance companies list, not all Insurance Companies have your best interest in mind. We work for YOU not the Insurance Company. All decisions we make during the repair of your vehicle are based on the fact that your vehicle needs to be repaired back to original specifications. We will not be swayed by XYZ Insurance to cut corners just to save money. It’s you and your family’s lives at stake. That’s the most important detail for us.


Do I need to take my vehicle back to the dealer to keep my warranty?

No. Repairs done to your vehicle will not void the factory warranty. The dealer will no longer warranty whatever individual parts that have been repaired or replaced. But by having us handle the repairs you have actually enhanced your warranty to the vehicle. Instead of only having the remaining time left on the original warranty (normally 3 to 5 years) you now have a lifetime warranty on the part we repaired!


Do I need to get two estimates?

No. In the state of Virginia you cannot be required to get two estimates. Take your vehicle to who you feel the most comfortable handling the repairs.


Are body shops licensed in Virginia?

Unfortunately no. Anyone can open a body shop and claim to be a professional. Look for certifications from I-CAR, ASE, Paint Manufacturers, and vehicle makers at the shop. This is a good indication that they have the knowledge necessary to properly repair your vehicle.


Are all warranties from Collision repair shops the same?

No. Not all shops offer lifetime warranties. There are some that do, but would you rather have a lifetime warranty from a shop that has only been open a few years or from a shop that has been offering a hassle free lifetime warranty since 1987?


What is necessary to repair my vehicle after an accident?

The most important piece of equipment is the knowledge of the technicians. The best equipment in the world in the hands of an amateur will not repair the vehicle. We have many technicians with 30+ years of experience. All of our technicians are trained and certified to make proper repairs. We are the only I-CAR Gold Class repair facility in the area. It takes a great deal of knowledge to acquire this certification. Most of our employees have been part of our community all of their lives. So the person repairing your vehicle may very well go to your church, be your neighbor, or their children go to school with yours.


As for the equipment:

  • We have 2 heated down draft paint booths which is needed to bake the finish to factory shine and durability.
  • Multiple laser three dimensional measuring system for structural realignment.
  • Multiple computerized squeeze resistant spot welders. These welders are the only way to properly replace structural parts on today’s new advanced high strength steels. No other shops in our area possess these vital pieces of equipment.
  • Air Conditioning Freon recovery and recycling equipment for both R134A and R1234YF. It is a federal crime to release the Freon from vehicles into the atmosphere.
  • State of the Art Frame machine capable of multiple simultaneous pulls to put your vehicle within a millimeter back to factory specifications.
  • Four Wheel alignment machine. After many collisions the alignment should be checked and/or adjusted.

We have invested significantly to guarantee your vehicle is repaired correctly!